Friday, July 1, 2011

This Year's Twist: Dynamic Duos

So for this year's twist, we have Dynamic Duos. There are six duos from the past up for another chance to play the game. They haven't really specified, but I'm assuming that three of the six duos will be entering the house, as that will bring the house guest count to the usual 14.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this twist. A lot of fans are not happy about it at all. I, personally, am excited to see some of my old favorites, provided they are the ones that actually go into the house. But I'm wondering if it's going to be the same affect of the Real World Road Rules Challenge, when they started bringing in random new people that didn't have anything to do with the Real World OR Road Rules. It's almost like an All Star Game vs. Rookies.

The problem I see is that the DynaDuos are going to have a HUGE target on their backs. The virgin house guests are going to want to get them out right away, as they've already had their chance AND they're experienced. Personally, I might take a risk and align myself with one of the duos, as they DO have knowledge of how to play the game.

Let's go over the duos.

Brendan & Rachel
(Season 12)
I don't know that I can deal with these two, honestly. Rachel's laugh cuts through my very soul and makes me throw up in my mouth a little and Brendan is TAPPED. Anyone who loves Rachel so much that they cry about it makes me vomit. Part of me thinks that they will be back in the house because Big Brother likes to fuck with me and the other part of me is pretty sure that Brendan is too busy having sex with girls over Skype and then filming public apologies to Rachel. In which he cries.

Will & Boogie
(Season 2 & 7)
Please GOD let them be in the house. I will seriously jump up and down screaming on Thursday if I see them enter the house. These two are my favorite in the history of the game. They are great players, extremely manipulative (the way the game SHOULD be played), and they are entertaining. I always get a good laugh out of these two. If they walk in the house this season, for the THIRD season, I will be on Team Chilltown all they way, no matter what.

Jessie & Natalie
(Season 11)


Dick & Danielle
(Season 8) 
I will be 100% honest in saying that I need to rewatch season 8 because I honestly can't remember if I like these two or not. I was drunk about 98% of the summer of 2007, so it's a bit of a blur to me. All I remember is that I really liked Eric. But I'm pretty sure I liked these two, Evel Dick had his crazy moments for sure, but I like anyone with a Tommy Lee vibe. And Danielle is cute, although I recall her being a bit of a brat. Whatever the case, I'd rather these two be in the house than Rachel & Brendan or Jessie & Natalie, so have at, Dick & Danielle.

Jeff & Jordan
(Season 11)
I would love to see them back on, and not even because I want them to win but because they are entertaining. They are so cute and sweet together, and to top it off, they're both pretty dumb which makes them super endearing to watch. I like that they were able to pull the game off while remaining true to themselves and not doing anything too horrible. That's a real accomplishment. They also had to live in a house with Jessie AND Ronnie, so I have to give them props for that. I would have left.

Hayden & Enzo
(Season 12)
Did they run out of dynamic duos? Could they not get in touch with Crazy James and Chelsia? Are Adam and Mattie still in jail for using his winnings towards a drug trafficking ring? Whatever the case, our last duo is Hayden and Enzo. You know what, the Meow Meow makes me laugh, and I don't have a problem with Hayden except that he breathes out his mouth, so more power to them. Neither of them will win anyone so they'll be purely for entertainment purposes.

So I guess I'd say my top three picks and Will&Boogie, Jeff&Jordan and.....Dick&Danielle? Although maybe Hayden&Enzo just so see Dominic's stupid face when Enzo, "his boy", walks in the house. That could REALLY screw up his game, having his idol in the house with him. 

Which three duos do you want to see end up in the house? What will be your destructive method if you see Jessie's face on Thursday night? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cast Revealed Today!!

For once, I was able to drag myself out of bed this morning without hitting the snooze button...because it was Big Brother Cast Reveal Day! I immediately headed over to (because as excited as I was, waking up at 7AM for the early show just isn't feasible. I'm not even a real person at that hour.)

Unfortunately....I was pretty disappointed with this years cast (so far...the twist could make or break this for me) (more on that later). Let's do a run down of the house guests that have been revealed so far. 

Adam Poch
A 39-year-old "music inventory manager" from Hoboken, New Jersey
I can't decide how I feel about Adam. I like that he gives off a scary biker vibe and yet loves cuddling, Broadway plays, and is scared of "large barking dogs."  I'm not quite sure what a "music inventory manager" is, and when I googled it, all I got were links to various Big Brother 13 articles - so hopefully he explains what exactly he does. His cast video was...boring. There's something very creepy about him. His voice is a little too breathy and there's also something wonky going on with his left eye, like he keeps winking at me. Reading his bio, I like him...but watching his video - I don't. I'm gonna stay on the fence about him.
Also, did he raid Steve Wilkos' closet? Yes.

Cassi Colvin
A 26-year-old model from Nashville, Tennessee
She says her strategy is to keep is neutral and basically be a floater but I think she might step it up and actually be a pretty good player. She seems to have a strong personality and has a lot of confidence. I think she'll make it at least half way through the game. Her favorite thing to do is sit outside with boys and drink beer, which ironically is MY favorite thing to do - also Nashville is my home away from home, so I think I may just like this girl. She also loves Dan from Season 10, who is in my top 5 players of all time, so I can respect that.
The only thing I'm trying to figure out is WHY for the love of GOD is she wearing a leather vest??

Dominic Briones
A 25-year-old model ("college student") from San Mateo, CaliforniaFirst word that comes to mind is "douche." And not the good kind of douche, like Jase or Scott (Big Brother 5). . He found it necessary to put in his bio that he's scared of STDs. He's also scared of sharing the bathroom because he's NEVER shared a bathroom with random other people, so I guess he has NEVER used a public bathroom, which he should have listed as his biggest accomplishment. Instead his biggest accomplishment is loving his family (because "how many people can say they really love their family?"). He said he's going to play the game like no one has ever played it. Lay low, form an alliance, then make a power play. Yeah, no one has ever done that before *sarcasm sarcasm*.
His favorite house guest is Enzo because he wore sunglasses and sucked at every competition.
Yeah, I don't like this guy.

Kalia Booker
A 30-year-old writer from Los Angeles, California
   She's almost a little too much? I had a pained look on my face through most of her bio. She's in love with her Blackberry, and I want to throw mine into a fire, so....I just can't relate to her. She must be new to Blackberry. She'll learn. She has NO strategy for winning because everybody loves her. She used the word "dope" in her cast interview. She's scared no one is going to like her in the house, which is a pretty rational fear for her. Her favorite big brother player was Erica because she....hates her?? So in Kalia's world, my favorite big brother player was Ronnie. At least she openly admits that she is there for the money.
I'm definitely putting her in my fantasy league though, because she's probably going to fight a lot and cry a lot and just be a mess in general.

Keith Henderson
A 32-year-old human resources manage from Bolingbrook, Illinois.
I don't really have much to say about him because all I got out of his bio and his video is that he's SUPER horny. I feel like he just emerged from his parent's basement for the first time ever and females are a mystical creature to him that are apparently dripping in honey. He just needs to get his hands on any and all of them. Also his bio says he will "get people to trust and love me and then I will stab them if I need to." You'll...stab them? I mean, I know what you're trying to say (I hope) but...I'm starting to get a Ted Bundy vibe. My prediction is his strongest alliance is going to be with his hand.

 Lawon Exum
A 39-year-old legal file clerk from Inglewood, California
Yes! I like him. None of his answers in his video had anything to do with Big Brother, but I love him. He's making the season unique because his fashion sense is BUCK WILD and his biggest fear in the house is roaches. In all honesty, he just seems like the most normal. I'm really enjoying all his made up words and his wide ties and matching pocket whoosy-whatsy, and I'm probably just clinging to him because the other men in the house SUCK but no matter. Lawon has my vote for now.

Porsche Briggs
A 23-year-old cocktail waitress from Miami Beach, Florida
She's probably going to be the Rachel of this season (unless Rachel is the Rachel of this season...please GOD no!!!). Her shirt is absolutely hideous, she laughs at the end of every sentence, and she claims in her video that she is not a complete bitch, yet when asked for three adjectives to describe herself in her bio, bitchy comes in second. Her favorite house guest was...Natalie?
This girl is going to be a floater and I'm worried because she might end up squeaking by.

Shelly Moore
A 41-year-old Outdoors Industry Executive from Prairieville, Louisiana
I kind of like that there is an older woman in the house, as long as she doesn't end up being crazy like Sheila. Shelly seems pretty wholesome, and I find it charming that she's from "Prarieville" and she's scared of tall buildings. Cute. She reminds me of a Saturday Night Live character that Kristin Wiig would she'll probably be pretty hilarious, even if she doesn't mean to be.  I think she'll probably make it pretty far as long as she doesn't go too hard in the beginning. 

So that's the cast so far! Honestly, based on what I've seen so far, I can only assume these were the only 8 people who applied to the show and they HAD to take them. They just all seem pretty bland. But we can't know for sure until they get in the house. 

So what do you think, based on our first impressions? Let me know who you think you'll love and who you think you'll hate. And more importantly, do any of them have what it takes to get to the half million?